Inner Fire

I like to wake up early in the mornings. Actually, this is my favourite time of the day. I just love the feeling that everybody else is still sleeping. I also love observing how the light and colors around me change – how dawn becomes morning and turns into a new day.

My weekdays are really busy. I’m happy to report that by now I’m fully booked. With all the other daily tasks and with spending the evenings with my boyfriend, family and friends, the only real time I have left for myself is the mornings. Early mornings.

I also noticed that usually this is the time of the day when I’m the most awake and capable of getting things done quickly. This is when I work on my patterns, DIY kits, watch useful and interesting videos, and plan for the day.

A big change is that I’ve decided to redo a lot of my older things. My handmade business really slowed down and I want to pause and rethink the basics. Yes, I want to change Big Time. So now I’m mainly working on this – what, how, when, what colors, fonts, design, direction…

I know that this will take a long time. There’s an awful lot to do, and tons of decisions to make. I really want (I really need) a fresh start with my handmade business. And now I also want to be smarter: I want to learn some real basics and techniques before starting the Big Change. I want to be clear about what I’m doing. I want to set the direction and my clear goals before taking off.

Big change? Oh yes. And I’m really, really excited. I’m not joking when I say that this feeling and deep desire keeps me going when I’m really overwhelmed and tired. I want to turn my business around and thrive so badly that this just doesn’t let me stop.

And when I say ‘thrive’ I don’t only mean financially. Yes, of course, I mean it this way too. One of my biggest dreams is to make a living with what I love the most: creating wonderful new things and sharing them with wonderful people. (And running our small scale organic market garden style operation with my boyfriend, but that belongs to a different blog post. :) )

So, long story short, here’s a picture for you:

I named it ‘Inner Fire’. I know that originally this was just some old wallpaper peeling of an abandoned castle’s wall. But I really love it. I love the details and I’m also happy with the colors. It really does remind me of the strongest, unextinguishable inner fire… What do you think?


Felt Rhino

I’ve been working on new pictures and small adjustments for the felt rhino. I think this will be the new cover photo:

What do you think? Isn’t he adorable? :)

Gardening Owls

Originally I created this design for my boyfriend, D, as a Christmas present. He’s really into growing things and green peas are one of his favorite. And he also likes owls – they are sort of his ‘guiding animals’. (By which I mean that an owl showed up right before he was born, to his parents, and later on he often met owls when something special was happening.)

So I made a t-shirt for him with this design: cute little owls growing a big pea plant. He loved it, and so many other people who saw the design loved it as well.

Why am I writing about this now, you might ask.

Well, it’s because our life is taking us towards vegetables and growing things again.

As some of you might know, we’ve just moved back to Hungary from Greece. New life, new circumstances, new challenges, new direction.

D will be studying at a Hungarian university in English. The course is called ‘Sustainable Agriculture’. It was created for foreign students and the program looks really interesting.

And this is the first step into a new direction. We’ve finally decided that we want to start a version of a market garden next spring. The exact plans are very blurry, and there’s just so much to figure out.

But it looks like that our path is more and more clear. The direction is certainly there, which is a great thing. It makes a huge difference to have precise goals.

In the meantime, I’m working on my artistic and crafty line. I already have a few vegetable-related drawing ideas!

The Iron Tooth of Time

We have an expression in Hungarian: Something was chewed on by the iron tooth of time. (Megrágta az idő vasfoga.)

I’ve always liked this expression. It is actually a very strong picture. When I was a little girl I imagined this ‘iron tooth of time’ as a curious, but little bit worrying thing. In my head it was also very rusty, since, of course, time is old, ergo it must be rusty, and if that’s the case, its tooth has to be rusty too.

Okay, that’s enough about rusty iron teeth.

What I actually wanted to talk about is also time related, but in a different way: time management.

Of course I know that I’m not the first person to notice this, but I’m very happy that it is happening to me.

I’ve recently noticed that now, having moved back to Hungary, being in the process of looking for a job (or jobs), living in a busy family again, and just having a lot more going on in my life – I suddenly get a lot more done each day!

In the past 6 months I had a lot of time on my hand. Total luxury, I know. And I tried to make the most out of it, and I think I did many times. But I often felt that I’m just not getting from A to B as quickly as I would like to. There was always something…

There is always something nowadays as well. But still – I’m a lot more productive, effective, efficient.

What changed?

Same thing that I’ve read about so many times: my time started to become a lot more precious. And I still want to get things done on top of everything else: online stuff, Etsy store, Facebook page, drawing practice, designing new bracelet and felt animal patterns, editing photos, etc, the list goes on.

How do I do that? Well, the only way of doing it is pushing it harder. Waking up early. Going to sleep when I’m really zonked and can’t keep my eyes open anymore. Writing a to-do list every day. Prioritizing my tasks based on importance and impact.

Also, what really helps me a lot is a very simple thing: I divided a piece of paper into 7 sections for the 7 days. For each day I wrote the basic daily tasks which I want to get done despite of everything else. And I put it up on the wall, right above my desk. I can see it all the time. I know exactly what to do when, and this very simple thing makes a huge difference. The headless chicken kind of chaos is over, and I’m actually making progress.

I also noticed that I must have clear ideas about the next step at all times. I just must. Let’s say, I’m editing some photos. I have 3 left. By the time they are all finished, I want to know my next move. For example: now I have to call my bank. Then: cook a healthy meal and listen to Jocko podcast in the meantime. (What a great way to take my mind off everything else – and his voice is sooo relaxing!) By the time I’ve cleaned up the kitchen I know the next step. And the next one.

And this new system seems to be working just great. I’m so happy with it! :)

So… what does this picture above has to do with anything?

Well, last summer, back in Greece, one day my partner and I decided to go snorkelling to a very awesome, old spot – basically on top of an ancient submerged city! And this giant rusty object was just there, buried in the sand. I know that it probably belongs to some kind of a long-gone ship, but in my mind it is actually a smaller piece of a gigantic clockwork… Slowly being chewed on by the rusty tooth of time.

Floating Creature

What a curious fellow! Big eyes, 4 tentacles… you’re not really sure what to make out of it, right?

That’s okay. He is a very mysterious one indeed.

For the original sketch I used simple copy paper and a graphite pencil. Then I scanned it in and used my Wacom tablet to bring him to life. So here he is.

Meet the Floating Creature.

Reaching Out

Nowadays I’m looking for new opportunities. Options. Jobs that both put food on the table and give meaning to my time, energy and effort. It’s not easy to come out of my so-used-to isolation mode and start to connect to people again. But little by little I’m making progress. I’m learning how to reach out again.